Scenic City Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Personalized care, initial visit treatment and follow-up by the physician. Dr. Clarke sees the patient, takes care of them, and handles all follow up personally. He believes in creating a strong relationship with patients by communicating accurately and honestly in all circumstances.

Sports & Orthopedic Care

Thanks to our joint research studies with the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI), virtually all of our orthopaedic treatments and procedures are at the forefront of innovative medicine. Your physician will take the time to evaluate your condition and ensure that you completely understand your diagnosis. Based on your evaluation, you may be scheduled for an imaging session (X-ray or MRI). Your doctor will then determine a specific course of treatment based on your goals. Recommended treatment may involve conservative therapies such as medications, injections and/or physical therapy, or it may involve surgical intervention. No matter the determined course of treatment, you will be an active participant in the process.

Sports Medicine
ACL reconstruction, meniscus surgery, labral and rotator cuff shoulder surgery, dislocations, hand, wrist, elbow, and ankle sports injuries.

Fracture Care
All fractures except spinal. Completed Trauma Fellowship in Bern, Switzerland and Hanover, Germany for hip and knee surgery and fracture care.

Joint Replacement
Hip, knee, and shoulder replacements.

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